Medical Wear Tips: What to Look For in High-Quality Lab Coats

A quality lab coat is a must in the healthcare industry. All professionals who belong in this industry are required to wear one when they are on duty. The use of lab coats is recommended for doctors and health care professionals to protect themselves from accidental spills or other dangerous stains when handling biohazardous materials. The use of white is intentional so that the stains are easy to detect by the naked eye.

Therefore, it goes without saying that you should look for lab coats in Australia that will be of good quality. While it might seem tempting to buy lab coats that are cheap, you lack the longevity that high-quality ones could offer. Gone are the days when you should settle for uncomfortable and flimsy coats because you can get ones that are made of good quality. To determine yours is a high-quality coat, you need to look at the following factors:

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The choice of fabric used for making your lab coat is the single most important factor impacting quality. If you want the highest quality lab coats, invest in ones that are made of 100% cotton. This will enable the wearer to handle the most stressful environments with the highest level of comfort. A high denier fabric is a good choice for a lab coat because it offers more durability and can retain its shape. A crisp finish is just a bonus to improve visual appeal when worn. Click here Mediscrubs


One other factor that is closely tied to the type of fabric used for making coats is the sewing. The highest quality coats are made with reinforced seams and a triangulated stitch on all pocket corners. This will ensure durability and quality of the sewing. Hence, it can sustain the punishing work in a hospital or lab setting.

Stain Resistance

A white lab coat is going to get stained, that is a fact. Hence, it is important to choose a fabric that can resist stain to make it easier to clean later. Choose a fabric that has been treated with DuPont Dual Action Fabric Protector, or other similar products. This is emerging as a new industry standard for manufacturing lab coats today. Hence, you should easily find one in the market.

Comfort and Functionality

These two components are very important when shopping for lab coats. A lab coat is a functional piece of clothing; hence, they should be comfortable enough to wear that you will be able to perform your tasks in the hospital or within a lab. It should allow free range of motion rather than restrict it.


The style here refers to more than just the visual appeal of the coat. It also refers to how the coat is cut in such a way that it permits a free-range of motion instead of restricting it. Ideally, you need to put it on and gauge how it feels on you before you decide which to buy.

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