How to Promote Environment Preservation in the Workplace

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Have you ever tried talking about or even encouraging your co-workers to engage in environment preservation activities? Convincing your work peers to actively participate in protecting the environment may just be one of the best things you can do in helping to save the earth. You spend the majority of your time in the workplace so it’s the perfect opportunity to offer ideas about environment preservation like posting recycling images and infographics in your office’s hallways or suggest corporate environment preservation activities. Here are a few ideas you may want to try in your workplace:

  1. Encourage co-workers to do regular workstation cleanup – Suggest having your official “workstation general cleanup day” and encourage your co-workers to do an extensive cleanup of their respective workstations. The office janitors or custodians are hired to clean only the major areas of the office but they are not allowed to touch your work area. So it’s your responsibility to keep your work station clean so you don’t contribute to the overall mess in the workplace.
  2. Educate and inform your work peers about the value of recycling – The first step to achieving this is to produce posters that show basic information about recycling, useful recycling images, and practical tips on how to do recycling. These posters should be displayed in public places so more people can see them. Ask help from your human resources department for this. You may also suggest for them to organize talks or assemblies that will help all employees understand and apply these recycling tips.
  3. Organize an office-wide rummage sale – Why not encourage your workers to join you in gathering previously used belongings that are still in good condition to be sold in a rummage or garage sale? You can have your very own eco outdoor sale, sell all your previously used items and spend the earnings on your next team building activity. Not only will you help reduce the clutter in your house but you’ll also get a chance to earn some extra cash. In your booth, you may also show recycling images or infographics to educate your customers about the advantages of doing recycling work.
  4. Sign up for a cleanup drive – Look for upcoming cleanup drive projects in your area and sign up as a group. This is the time to roll up your sleeves, take out those large rubbish bins, sweepers, and trash bags and get ready for some major city or neighborhood cleanup!
  5. Be a sponsor in an environmental project – If you and your co-workers are not able to offer your personal services to a cleanup drive, you may also sign up as a sponsor and donate cash or items to support these activities. For example, you can donate commercial rubbish bins, rakes, sweepers, or reusable trash bags which are extremely useful in most environment cleanup projects.

We only have one planet which we call home, Earth. And this home that we’re living in is in dire need of our help. So rally your work peers up and start planning those environment protection activities. For ideas on where to buy cleanup materials, go online or visit Ecobin to see some options.

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